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A paternity test uses DNA (the genetic material) to determine if a man is the biological father of a child. A home paternity test allows you to collect DNA samples in the privacy of your own home.

The Genesys 2x Testing Advantage
Regardless of which package you choose, you can be confident of 100% accuracy in your test results. We test each and every sample twice—two separate analysts will test a swab sample from the child, alleged father, and mother if included. The DNA data is compared at the end of the process to double-check that the test result we give you is absolutely correct.

This 2x Testing method goes above and beyond laboratory requirements, which only require testing twice on exclusions (when the first result shows the tested man is not the father). We test all samples twice right from the start, giving you the assurance you need as well as fast results.

Home Testing vs. Legal Testing
The key difference between a home paternity test and a legal paternity test is that the legal test uses the Chain of Custody, a documentation process that enables test results to be used in legal situations such as child support applications and birth certificate changes. Chain of custody is not fulfilled in home DNA tests because the sources of the samples cannot be confirmed.(**Please see special notes below)

However, after the samples are collected and sent to the laboratory, the same stringent testing procedures are followed in a home paternity test, so you can be confident of accurate results.

In-home tests are used in situations when the tested parties only want to have peace of mind or to satisfy their curiosity, instead of using the test results for legal purposes.

GeneSys provides you with the most reliable DNA testing in the industry, with a 99.99% minimum probability guarantee for inclusions (if the mother is tested, 99.9% if she is not tested).

Unlike other low-cost labs, our laboratory continues testing with additional markers if the standard set of 16 loci is insufficient to establish paternity with 99.99% certainty.

Simple Collection Procedure
You can either make your own kit, or we’ll send you a DNA sample collection kit that contains swabs and envelopes that you can use to mail your samples back to us. This kit contains detailed instructions for sample collection and shipping. To collect a person’s DNA sample, simply rub the swab against the inside cheek. Send the samples to our laboratory—we will extract DNA from these cell samples and run the DNA paternity test.

Fast Results
We can complete the test within 2-5 working days (depending on your test package) after receiving samples from all tested parties. We also offer expedited testing services if you need the results sooner.

Our laboratory routinely achieves accurate results of probabilities of paternity of 99.9999% and higher. Our unmatched level of accuracy allows us to guarantee conclusive paternity test results 99.99% or higher probabilities of paternity for inclusions (the alleged father is the biological father) and 100% certainty for exclusions (the alleged father is not the biological father). For motherless tests, we guarantee a 99.9% or higher for inclusions and 100% for exclusions.  

If the test we perform is not conclusive or does not achieve the accuracy rate we promise, we provide a money-back guarantee to our customers.

**Special notes about in-home testing

Results of an in-home paternity test cannot be used in court. We offer legal paternity tests for those who need paternity tests for legal purposes. Please call one of our case managers at 1-888-362-2592 to discuss the legal option.

New York residents
Because we abide by the New York State Department of Health's regulations, we cannot send or receive in-home kits to and from New York residents. You may, however, choose to take a legal paternity test. Please call 1-888-362-2592 for detailed instructions and to order a test. 

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