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Prenatal Paternity Testing

A prenatal paternity test is a conclusive way to determine if a man is the father of an unborn child. It is an option for those who do not wish to wait until the baby is born to determine paternity.

An OB-GYN takes a prenatal sample using methods that are well established, and we extract DNA from this sample for analysis. DNA is formed at conception and does not change; thus we can obtain the same conclusive and accurate results with a prenatal test as with a regular paternity test.

The samples for the alleged father and mother can be collected using an in-home kit, if the test is for personal knowledge only.

If testing is required for use in a legal situation, it is performed using a Chain of Custody, a documentation process that makes the test results legally admissible (accepted by courts and other government agencies).

Please call one of our case managers at 1-888-362-2592 to discuss which option is best for you.

Our laboratory often achieves accuracy levels of 99.9999% or higher. We guarantee conclusive prenatal paternity test results—99.99% or higher probabilities of paternity for inclusions (the alleged father is the biological father) and 100% certainty for exclusions (the alleged father is not the biological father).

If the test we perform is not conclusive or does not achieve the accuracy rate we promise, we provide a money-back guarantee to our customers.

Tested Parties
In a prenatal paternity test, the prenatal sample, mother, and alleged father are tested. Participation of the mother is required: the laboratory needs to distinguish her DNA from the baby’s DNA in the prenatal sample, which contains cells from both the mother and the child.

Prenatal Sample Collection
To obtain prenatal samples, one of the following two procedures is performed depending on the stage of pregnancy:

Chorionic Villi Sampling (CVS). During the 10th to 13th week of pregnancy, a small sample can be taken from the placenta, a membrane that partially surrounds the developing fetus. This procedure is performed either transcervically (through the vagina) or transabdominally (through the abdominal wall).

Amniocentesis – During the 14th to 24th week of pregnancy, a sample of amniotic fluid can be drawn. The amniotic fluid, found in the sac surrounding the developing fetus, contains fetal cells that can be used for DNA analysis. Sampling is performed transabdominally—a needle is inserted through the abdominal wall to extract amniotic fluid.

Both of these procedures, which are used to test for genetic birth defects and other possible health problems with the baby, are performed by an OB/GYN. Because the procedures are invasive, there is a slight risk of infection and a smaller risk of miscarriage. We urge the mother to consult her OBGYN for more information about these risks.

You will need to pay a separate physician’s fee for prenatal sampling, ranging from $500-$1,500. If the mother is having the CVS or amniocentesis sample collected for medical purposes (in addition to paternity), her insurance company may cover this fee.

Sample Collection from the Parents
Parental samples are collected using our standard procedure, the painless and non-invasive buccal swab—a cotton-like swab rubbed against the inside of the patient’s mouth to gather loose cheek cells.

Fast Results
We can complete the test within five working days after receiving samples from all tested parties. We also offer expedited testing services if you need the results sooner. In-home prenatal test results are emailed as soon as they are released by the laboratory.

Legal test results are signed by one of Ph.D. scientists, notarized, and sent via first class mail, courier, or fax.

Tested Parties
1 prenatal sample, 1 mother, 1 alleged father

Most accurate testing in the industry

DNA Test Fee
$199 for in-home testing
(OB-GYN and referral fees not included)

Results In
5 working days

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